There comes a time when HR professionals needed to break from the everyday routine. While they are rewarding and impactful, you could ask - what else? An element to peaked the day. Casual, byte-size talks. Topics that will stand the test of time. Prepare to engage with the best. Expand and strengthen your HR network. Join us in an evolving HR world! Step into the future!
The pandemic has not only accelerated the future of work, but it has enhanced the role of HR too. We witnessed how 2021 exposed a growing chasm between employers and employees as organisations grappled to determine what the “new normal” looked like, and what was most feasible.

This only amplifies the relevance of the field of human resources. HR shifted from inward-focused, concentrating on compliance, processes, and benefits to a more outward-looking function, focusing instead on skills, people, and data. This trend has gained traction in the last 2 years and is predicted to accelerate in 2022 and 2023.

In this episode of FutureHR, our speakers discuss how HR is orchestrating the shift towards a skills-based organisation and the transforming role of HR as they gradually, thoughtfully, and flexibly enter this new stage—the endemic.

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